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Benefits of baby hugs

Learn more about the benefits of hugging in our latest blog post, inspired by Australian children’s book "I need a Hug” by author Aaron Blabey, which is stocked in our hamper shop.

Though hugs have been a no-no in the post-COVID world, thankfully our babies can still readily receive them from their parents and caregivers! It is an essential part of their wellbeing and helps them to feel safe. Here are some of the benefits from the almighty power of touch through a hug.

  • It relaxes muscles
  • Increases circulation
  • Releases endorphins (feel good hormones) in your body
  • Elevates the mood
  • It helps you feel calmer too
  • Hugging can also increase levels of dopamine and serotonin, which can boost your mood and relieve symptoms of depression
  • It can help boost your breast milk supply (relaxing the mind and body can support lactation)
  • It benefits a premmie’s overall health helping to synchronize their heart rate and support calm breathing
  • Hugs – particularly through skin-on-skin contact between a mother and a newborn also yields important physical and psychological benefits for the child including reduced crying; improved sleep and increased empathy for others as they grow up.

With all of these benefits it is no wonder a good hug leaves us all feeling more content – babies included!