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Why babies born in December rock

We all know someone born in December and chances are they don’t like being born then! Their birthdays are competing with Christmas and end-of-year festivities, and if they get “two-for-one occasion” presents they can feel a bit overlooked. Parents, too, can have concerns about their child’s birthday falling so close to the holiday season.🎉

To help overcome this, we’ve created a list of how being born in December can be a good thing (it really can!). 

  1. BEACH FUN 🏖️. In Australia, whether you are from the country, the city, or the coast, by December it’s warm enough to mean dips in the water or trips to the beach. If you’re a kid, nothing beats sandcastles and water play!
  2. LONGEVITY. A fun fact about babies born in December is they reportedly have the best statistical chance of living to 100 years old.
  3. THEY’RE RARE. December babies are the rarest of the 12 months, particularly if they are born on December 24 or 25 which are the rarest of all birthdays. Who wants to be like everyone else anyway?
  4. SMART & IMAGINATIVE. December babies are either Sagittarius (Nov 23 – 21 Dec) or Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19). They’re usually imaginative and optimistic or smart and confident.
  5. IT’S A MERRY MONTH. People are winding down, they’re excited for a break and everyone’s sending well-wishes to everyone, so it is generally a happy time to be born. Enjoy the party atmosphere if you can & ensure the still-very-important December birthday is celebrated too (no Christmas 🎄 wrapping paper allowed 😊).

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