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Kelly Koala OR Kobe Koala Baby Comforter | OB Designs

Kelly Koala OR Kobe Koala Baby Comforter | OB Designs

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We are currently out of stock of Kelly Koala, however our substitute for Kelly Koala currently is Kobe Koala (pictured in second image). Kobe is the same wonderful design, just a slightly different grey colour. 

OB Design's baby comforter toys are used to help settle babies to sleep. They are flat which makes them light and easy for little ones to snuggle. Parents commonly use them to help move away from co-sleeping arrangements. Having their mum's smell really helps keep them settled.

Kelly Koala's Baby Comforter "Bio" 

Job: Bushranger
Likes: Hide and Go Seek
Dislikes: Suits and Weak Tea

Kobe Koala's Baby Comforter "Bio"

Job: Tree Hugger, Likes: Permaculture & Poke Bowls

Baby Comforter Features

30 cm
Weighted beads in arms
Toy hook so it doesn't get lost